Local Buoys


Structure is probably the most important aspect to consider when looking for an area to fish. Most species feed off food that is stirred up as the waves break. When not actively feeding these fish will be located in quiet waters found in depressions close to or within the surf. During low tides is the best time to scout out areas that will be good structure. Holes, rock beds, troughs all represent structure that hold fish during higher tides.

Quieter, smoother surface water indicates deep holes and troughs. Double breaking waves indicate deep water between the breaks that may hold fish. If an area is notice where waves do not break, while there is surf all around this indicates a deep hole. A darker color to this water indicates the same. Areas around the mouths of streams or rivers can be very productive, especially two to three days after a winter storm. The best area is at the edge of the confluence of fresh and salt water and the surf down current .

The best known areas in Humboldt County for surf fishing are

Lost Coast just south of Cape Mendocino


The best time to surf fish is during the high tide period. 1 to 2 hours before and following the high tide. The best time of day is early morning with the first two hours of daylight. The early evening hours can also be productive during a full moon or when spring and summer smelt runs are on. Heavy surf puts fish down so surf in the 3 to 5 foot range is best.